General Description of Records & Databases

General Description of Records and Databases As of July 15, 2013

Public records are available under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act to the extent allowed by law.  These records include the following:

Conservation Section Records

  • Certified Nutrient Management Planner database
  • Certified Nutrient Management Applicator database
  • Registered Poultry Feeding Operations database
  • Beaver eradication funding records
  • Conservation district funding and activities records
  • Conservation district training records
  • Geographic information system files

Water Development

  • Project files
  • Loan and Grant Database for water development projects
  • Arkansas Water Plan compliance records

Water Management

  • Critical Groundwater Designation records
  • Groundwater monitoring database
  • Permitting and inspection records for dams
  • Non-Riparian water use application and permit records
  • Nonpoint source pollution project and funding records
  • Wetlands and riparian zones tax credit database
  • Wetlands Mitigation Bank program records
  • Arkansas Water Plan compliance records
  • Permitted dams database, excluding information subject to the public water system security exemption
  • Listing and database of communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Listing of floodplain managers 
  • Water Well Construction Report database
  • Water Well Contractor database including registered water well drillers, pump installers, and apprentices
  • Water well inspection reports and case files
  • Water Resource Conservation and Development Incentive Tax Credit application and approval records


  • Rule-making files
  • Creation of regional water distribution district files
  • Creation of water authority files
  • Administrative hearing and appeals files

Fiscal Section

  • Personnel records
  • Budget and procurement records
  • Equipment inventory records