Proposed Rules

Proposed New Rule, the Arkansas Water Plan (Title 24), and a Proposed Revision to the Rules for the Utilization of Surface Water (Title 3) 

On November 9, 2015, the Commission approved further revisions to Existing Title 3 and Proposed Title 24 as a result of public comments received at the nine hearings it held during the rulemaking process.  ANRC Staff filed Title 3, Title 24, and Summary of Summarized Comments and Proposed Responses to Comments with Arkansas Legislative Council on November 10, 2015.  The General Assembly may review these rules December.  If the rules are reviewed and approved by the General Assembly, the rules will become effective in February of 2016.

After a public two-year process, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission is proposing a new rule and amending an existing rule.  Proposed ANRC Title 24 contains recommendations derived from the 2014 Arkansas Water Plan Update as well as basic information about the plan and a map of Arkansas’s Water Resource Planning Regions.  Title 3 is being updated to include the same map of the Planning Regions and a chart of numbers used by ANRC to calculate excess surface water.  If you are interested in obtaining more information then what you find here or in the attached documents below, please go to

The Commission held nine public hearings on both sets of rules in Fayettville, Russellville, Jonesboro, Little Rock, El Dorado, Stuttgart, Texarkana, Monticello, and Harrison.  Transcripts of these hearings are available here:

 The Commission accepted written comments on the rules through September 3, 2015.  On September 16, 2015, the Commission will determine whether to move forward with these rules as currently drafted or to make revisions to the drafts. Written comments received as well as a summary of the comments made at the hearing are available here.

1.  Proposed revision to Title 3 and new proposed Title 24.  (Language proposed for deletion is struck through like this:  water plan.  New language is underlined.  Although Title 24 is a new rule, language within Title 24 has not been underlined to facilitate ease of reading.)

            a.  Title 3

            b.  Title 24

2.  Questionnaires and Financial Impact Statement filed with the Arkansas Legislative Council and the Secretary of State’s office.

            a. Title 3 Questionnaire

            b.  Title 24 Questionnaire

3.  Summary.

            a. Title 3 Summary

            b. Title 24 Summary

4.  Notice of Rulemaking.

            a.  Joint Notice of Rulemaking